Domain Management

Adding DNS records is simple with our domain management service. Add hosts, mail servers, ARecords and more.

Demand Epic Domain Management

Epic Domain Management simplifies your domain management tasks with our easy-to-use configuration tools - quickly add DNS records, hosts, and mail servers. Publish and manage your DNS records using our user interface, command-line or REST API. Epic Domain Management’s full-featured Domain Name System (DNS) tools allow you to control and optimize every aspect of your domain's settings, proactively monitor requests to your network, and use monitoring data to determine the requirements of your network. 

Secure, Reliable and Authoritative DNS

What counts with a DNS server is security. A DNS server under attack is a slow server. Which brings us to another important feature – reliability. A secure server is reliable and available. And finally, authoritative which means your DNS server is not only quick and available but it is also correct. 

Analyze Query Statistics

Access the most accurate query statistics with our easy-to-digest dashboard view, including details for each record type. Ensure all records are configured correctly at a glance to avoid DNS outages and keep your services online. Forecast and plan for network load-balancing based on monitoring statistics gathered. 

Mobile Domain Management

With Epic's mobile app, accessing domains is quick, easy, and can even be done on-the-go. The full capabilities of our web portal are also available on our mobile app. Keep up with changes on the fly and ensure your records are always up to date and routing to the correct endpoint. Download the mobile app and get started managing your DNS records in real-time today. 

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